Pet Odor and Stain Removal

For those that love their animals, but don't necessarily appreciate the accidents they have and the smells they leave in the carpet we have three solutions.

Level 1:Deodorize (Included)

When we clean your carpets we will include a pet deodorizer for each spot that we detect or that you point out to us.

Level 2: Bacteria Enzyme Digester

This level is a 3 or 4 step process and requires two visits to your home to complete. Step 1(optional) is to use a product that detects pet stains using a black light. Step 2 is to apply the bacteria enzyme digester to each spot. Step 3 is to cover and let sit for 24 hours. Step 4 is to extract the enzyme using the steam cleaner when cleaning your carpets. Minimum service fee for this process is $50.00 for up to three spots and $15 each additional spot.

Level 3: Pad Removal, Enzyme, Seal, Replace, Re-stretch

This level is a 10 step process that requires multiple visits and pricing is based on a square foot basis. This is the most thorough pet treatment process available short of replacing pad, carpet, and subflooring. Please call for an estimate.

  1. Pull back all of the carpet effected.
  2. Remove the carpet pad.
  3. Use the black light to detect the pet stains.
  4. Apply the enzyme and wait 24 hours.
  5. Seal the floor with Killz.
  6. Clean the carpet front and back.
  7. Replace the carpet pad.
  8. Re-stretch the carpet.
  9. Go through our Clean Team process to clean the carpet.