Carpet Protector

Carpet protector can help protect your carpet against stains and spots.

Good quality carpets leave the manufacturer with carpet protector on it. However, over time this protection can break down. Many factors can contribute to this happening. Regardless of the reason it is important to renew this protection by applying a fresh application after a good cleaning has been done. The protector cost approximately a third of the total cleaning. This cost is mainly do to the cost of protector itself. Carpet Protector is really worth the investment to protect your carpet.

Why I am a Believer

Three years after moving into my home my oldest child was born, and I cleaned the carpets for the first time. The only visible soil I had in my carpet were a few careless spots, and did not apply carpet protector to the carpet after the cleaning. Six months later I began to notice soiled traffic lanes in my carpet. This is when I realized the value of Carpet Protector. Since then I have always applied it to my carpet. Now my carpets are approaching nine years old and they still look almost brand new.

The simple truth is that most quality carpets when properly maintained and cleaned don’t need to be replaced due to wear and tear. The owner just gets bored with it.

With carpet protector, you will be more likely to be one of those people.

My second experience with carpet protector is when my three year old son accidentally dumped a full cup of water on the carpet. With the carpet protector, the water just floated on top which gave me time to grab a towel and absorb most of it. Normally when this happens it goes straight to the carpet pad. Then you are trying to absorb what little is on top.

How would you like juices, coffee, and soil to react the same way?