How to Prepare Your Home for Carpet Cleaning

Here are our recommendations to get the best results from your Appointment with the CLEAN TEAM.

We consider it an honor to serve your cleaning needs. Thank you for trusting us with your carpet cleaning project. We promise to care for your home as if it is our own. Our simple guarantee is that you will feel you get the most thorough cleaning you have ever seen or we will clean it again for free. If you are still not pleased for any reason, we will refund all your money. These suggestions will teach you how to prepare for the cleaning that will help both of us:

  1. VACUUM – Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum
  2. Talk to Us – let us know about special requirements for moving furniture: weak legs, loose tops, etc.
  3. Pick Up – large garbage (stuff your vacuum won’t pick up).
  4. Pin Up – use a close hanger to prop up your drapes and tuck bed skirts in between your mattress and box springs.
  5. Remove Breakables – anything you think we might bump and break by accident please remove.
  6. Small Furniture – remove small furniture from the rooms for cleaning. You may stack it on a bed that doesn’t need to be moved.
  7. Leave Alone – china cabinets, entertainment centers, sectional sofas, most beds, antique and fragile furniture will not be moved.
  8. Spots and Stains – discuss with the technician your spots and stains that require more attention. The more we know about the stains the better chance we have to get them out.
  9. For Pet’s Sake – please keep your pets in a safe place where they feel comfortable and won’t be able to escape. The front door will be cracked open for the hoses. We also don’t want them to think our technician is not friendly.
  10. Small Onesfor the safety of your children please keep a watchful eye on your curious little ones. We care deeply about the safety of your children and family.
  11. We Work For You – tell us how we can meet and exceed your expectations